Farm Party

The first grade math group has been working hard on an integrated math unit called, My Little Farm. Each student received a 24 by 24 square unit paper farm on which to add paper structures and animals (most of which are 3D) including: house, barn, silo, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, crops, tractor, fencing, chickens and a chicken coop. Each student received around $300 to spend on land ($10/square) and their animals and structures that varied in price.
The learning objectives addressed in this unit include money management, area and perimeter, mapping, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, counting by 4s, 5s and 10s and spatial reasoning and problem solving.
Students have been working extensively on their farms since late April. The farms are now ready to share with the community, including parents and other students at the school. I hope you can join us from 9-9:45 on Thursday, June 6th for our annual FARM PARTY! The event will be held in the Gym. Students are welcome to bring farm animals from home on this special day. Last year, Carrson brought in a baby turkey. This year, a few students have goats and rabbits that they would like to share. I would also like to offer farm related snacks and beverages with the help of parent volunteers. Examples include apples, hazelnuts, bread and cheese, milk, juice, deviled eggs, etc. Maybe we can even make butter! I can make this event truly special with the help of parents. It is always a memorable occasion. Kindergarteners can’t wait to get their turn to make a farm, first graders remember going to the farm party the year before and even which student’s farm was shared with them. Second graders look back on the farm unit with fond memories. I hope you can make it and enjoy the student’s hard work, but don’t worry if you can’t. I will be sending the farm’s home shortly after the event. ( as you can imagine, they take up a lot of space!) 


Wildlife Posters

Congratulations to the Tremendous Trees group and the Fabulous Fungi group. Their posters were chosen to be on display at the Benton County Fair. The posters will not be judged but put on display to represent Muddy Creek Charter School. The fair will be held July 31st- August 3rd at the Benton Country Fairgrounds.
All the groups did a great job and received wonderful feedback from the judges.

I am planning a field trip to the Science and Art Day at Goss Stadium. The event starts at 11am on June 4th. I will send permission slips home closer to the event. We will be taking a bus. I am looking for 4 or so parents to come along!! Let me know if you are interested.
Here is a recap of last year’s event.

Egg Drop
The Egg Drop will be held on Friday, May 24th at 9am. Start working on your Egg Servival Device!
Here are the rules:
1. You will make an Egg Survival Device (ESD) that will protect a raw chicken egg when it is dropped from near the roof of the school.
2. Do not bring an egg to school on the day of the Egg Drop. You will be given an egg that morning, and will have 30 minutes to put it into your ESD and make any final adjustments.
3. Your ESD must be safe to spectators. No use of dangerous materials (glass, metal, etc.)
4. Be prepared to clean up any mess from your ESD.
5. Your ESD needs to have sides no longer than:
Kindergartners- 12 inches
1st and 2nd graders- 10 inches
3rd, 4th, 5th graders- 8 inches
6. Please do not spend any money on this project! You can make a successful ESD with things from around your home.
7. This is an optional activity. All ESDs that meet the requirements will be dropped on Friday the 24th, and everyone will be part of the audience.
8. Participation awards will be given to all that take part in this activity.

Wildlife Stewards Youth Summit- May 9th 9:30-1:30

Hi everyone!

I am writing to let you know about the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Youth Summit that is coming up on May 9th. We hosted the summit last year, but this year it will be at Jefferson Elementary. The Summit is a one-day natural resource educational event that gives youth an opportunity to share the knowledge gained as a result of investigation, observation and research in their schoolyard habitat.
There will be roughly six groups of 4. The topics include Birds, Insects, Trees, Fungi, Native and non-native/invasive plants and our school garden.

I am recruiting dedicated parent volunteers who can assist with research, data collecting, poster creating and for the trip itself. It is a very fun and rewarding experience. I will, particularly, need help the week before the summit (April 30th-May 3rd) and the week of the summit (May 6-8th). We will be taking a bus for the trip to Jefferson and will be gone from approx. 9:30-1:30. We will be working on the projects mainly in the afternoons. Let me know if you are interested in helping! It would be ideal to have one parent per research group.
For more information about the summit you can visit…

Link to field trip pics!

March Madness!

Math (1st grade): Geometry

Your child will…

  • describe, identify, and compare 2- and 3-D shapes
  • use spatial reasoning to explore
    relationships among shapes and solve
  • locate points on a coordinate grid

Science: Water/Weather

Reading Genre: Poetry

Writing Mode: Poetry- rhyming words, rhythm, Alliteration, Haiku, Clerihew, Cinquain, Limerick,  analyzing poems

Writing Trait: Word Choice- understanding that there are different ways to say things, stretching to use new words, using figurative language, making vivid, colorful word choices

Vocabulary: Antonyms, Synonyms, Homophones, Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, onomonopias

Art Residency: John Byrne- Photography unit- 24 views of water

Field Trip (in the works): Stoneybrook Senior living lodge and Sunset Park to do community service

Special Events:

March 8th- Talent show and raffle

March 25th-29th- Spring Break